The Latest Back-to-School Accessories

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Going back to school in the fall is an exciting time in a child’s life. The anticipation about the year ahead, along with the newness of everything, adds constant changes and thrills. One of the fun parts of going back to school is getting new gear for absolutely everything. And it’s amazing how much everything can change from one year to the next. Here are some of the latest and greatest accessories for you to buy that your child is sure to be thrilled about.

Lap Desk

Whether your child uses it to rest their computer on, or keeps it handy when they need to draw something on the go, a portable lap desk will surely come in handy. This fun new item comes in a variety of colors. Let your child choose one that stands out to them personally, and they will be proud to pull it out and put it to use.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

For kids who have a great sense of humor, as well as those who are just tired of having their lunch stolen, there is a new and effective accessory. Anti-theft lunch bags make any sandwich or other enclosed lunch appear moldy. By using these bags, your child’s lunch will repel any would-be thieves.

Hold-It-All Pencil Case

Instead of buying your child a simple pencil case that only has one compartment, the trend is to use one that has many places to hold various pens and pencils. Some of the new ones have separate storage areas that are made to hold particular items. Some have special compartments for house keys and change, which is a great place for your child to hide these items if they need to take them to school.

Pen and Highlighter All-In-Ones

Is your child tired of having a pencil case that is jammed with pencils and pens that they only use a few of? Use the limited space wisely by purchasing some nifty pen and highlighter combo pens. They come in all the usual highlighter colors, so your child can have one of each color in their pencil case without them taking up any extra room.

Lettered Padlocks

Instead of trying to remember some series of numbers on one’s combination lock, there are now combination locks with letters instead of numbers. This makes it a lot easier to remember what the combination is. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun.

Magnetic Bookmarks

This cool new trend sure beats the old way of saving one’s place in a paperback or text book. Gone are the days of paper bookmarks with tassels that would slip out of place, causing the reader to forget what page they ended on. Magnetic bookmarks are purchased in packs of multiples, and they are a cool new trend that is here to stay. You simply clip it over the top of your page and it stays there, perfectly in place, until you are ready to read the book again. Your child will love them.

With all the new merchandise out there, back-to-school shopping is sure to be a great time. Let your child pick a few of their own choices when it comes to their accessories, and they will take greater ownership for them, which will help them to care for the items more diligently. With all this great new gear, it is sure to be an amazing school year.

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