The Best Back-to-School Apps

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School is upon us again, and it is time to get all the greatest apps for your child’s return there. There are many apps that will make your child’s school life easier and more efficient. Many of them will also make your life easier as a parent. Here are a few you should consider obtaining before school begins.

Fun Calculator

Basically every smartphone has a built-in calculator, but most of them are pretty boring on the eyes. If your child loves visual stimulation, have them select and install a calculator of their choice. There are many to choose from, in almost every color and style imaginable.

Homework Planner

Homework and the managing of it can be overwhelming at times. Who knew that your child’s smartphone can now be their personal assistant in keeping track of things? Help your child stay on top of it all by installing a homework planning app. Find one that suits your child and is geared to what they need to remember, and what their goals for the school year are. Each one has different capabilities and there is a great variety to choose from.

Class Schedule

Class schedules can be difficult to keep track of for the first few weeks until your child truly gets into their routine. Using a class schedule app can save your child from having to put every class into their regular schedule, and keeps things more organized and separate. Let your child pick one that is easy for them to use, since making it too complicated will discourage regular use of it.

General Calendar

Using one’s regular calendar can get boring – whether it is a hard copy or already in your child’s smartphone. Why not let them pick out a new one that matches their personality and help them start the new school year off in a fun way? With just a little effort, your child can revamp their way of keeping track of the hours in their days and weeks.


It is important to have a dictionary at one’s disposal. By using a smartphone app for this purpose, it will free up your child’s backpack and keep their collection of books from overwhelming them. As any parent will agree, the more you can lighten up your child’s backpack, the better.

Quiz and Flashcard App

Nowadays, there are many new ways to study that were not available before smartphone apps became so popular. Something quite amazing is the fact that there are now several apps that you can create your own flashcards on. What student wouldn’t love this creative way to study? Your child can use this for any of their classes and courses of subject, and can personalize these apps to suit their course of study.

As your child goes back to school this fall, organization needn’t be a hassle and book bags needn’t be stuffed with random items. Instead, your child can keep their smartphone loaded with the best back-to-school apps available. Many are free, or can be purchases for mere dollars. Make this year the best one yet by being prepared with the apps that are the latest and greatest.

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