Back-to-School Makeup Trends

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School time is here again, and with it come all the new beauty trends. For the young ladies who are going back to school, there are a variety of trends to wear and try. Here is what we have in store for makeup this fall.

Red Lips

Making its way to the fall from the earlier part of the year, bright colors are still all the rage. Red lipstick is popular, and there are many shades to choose from. For younger teens, stick to a sheer red to prevent looking too “made up.”

Bright and Bold Colors

Bright eyes are popular. When looking for shadows, your daughter will find a wide variety of bold, enticing shades. Brilliant blues and greens are some of the beautiful colors that your daughter may notice in the makeup store.

Tropical Eyes

This is a fun trend for those young enough to get away with it – which is all young, school-age ladies. Yellows, greens and blues can all be used and blended in rows to create a fun look that is appropriate with summer just coming to an end. Your daughter will enjoy this fun, sunny look.

Strong Eyebrows

Bold is back, and eyebrows are no exception. Help your daughter find a color just slightly darker than her natural shade, or the same shade as her natural brows for the younger girls who are new to makeup. Even the simple act of filling in the empty areas with a eyebrow pencil in her natural shade will give her the bolder look that she is aiming for.


We parents may wish that this trend would go away, or maybe we ourselves are using it. In any case, contouring is here to stay. This is best not attempted by young girls or those who are new to makeup. If your daughter is daring and wants to attempt this, encourage her to watch many videos and to try it at home several times before going out in public. Even better, gift her with the opportunity to attend a class where she can professionally learn the technique.

Exaggerated Lashes

Lashes are hot this fall. For the girls who are wanting to give their current look an update, the idea is to use black, lengthening mascara and to fill in both the top and bottom lashes. For the truly courageous at heart, lashes can even be drawn onto the skin at the very edges.

No Overkill

Although this fall will hold many daring and bold looks, be careful not to make it “too much of a good thing.” If your daughter is going to try some bold colors for her eyelids, she will not want to do exaggerated lashes at the same time. If she is going for bright red lips, she should choose a neutral eyeshadow. Teach her the art of balance.

When children go back to school, it is a fun time to try new looks and let them recreate how they want to be seen. Let them experiment with as many of the fun new styles that you are comfortable with. Enjoy this season with your daughter as she navigates the world of fun makeup trends, and starts the school year off with a bang.

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