Back-to-School Fashion Trends and Shoes for Girls

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Summer is over and it is time to head back to school. This calls for your annual back-to-school shopping trip. Gone are the days where you simply grabbed a few pairs of pants, a few dresses and a new pair of shoes. Today’s young ladies are true fashionistas, and won’t settle for just any old outfit. Here are a few ideas for your young glamour girl as you head to the shopping mall to buy her some new outfits for the new school year.


Suits are a cool new fashion trend for girls, and every fashion lover should have one. Because of the popularity of this new item, you can find suits for your young lady in many different styles and colors. You can buy them in anything from leopard print to something floral.

Something Red

Red is a big color for this year. Every wardrobe should have at least a few items in this great color. If your child has any red clothing items left over from the spring and summer, keep it going by simply adding a few more layers to it. If she doesn’t own any yet, you can buy it in a variety of items.

Pick up a pair of red jeans, or a sweater in a deep tone to make your daughter’s outfit pop. Mix and match this bold color with anything from animal prints, to black, to brown fall tones. If you are mom of a younger daughter, add a cute red bow to your daughter’s hair.

Stain-Repellent Jeans

This is a great new thing that every parent is sure to love. Stain-repellent jeans are the new fad, and are made to let any unwanted food or other substance be wiped easily from the fabric instead of being absorbed by the material. How much better can it get than something like this that will save loads of time when it comes to doing laundry?

Fabulous Shoes

Let’s not forget about shoes. This is the final touch to any great outfit, and your daughter will need at least a few new pairs. No one wants to return to school in scuffed, dirty shoes that have been already used many times.

This fall, the sky is the limit when it comes to footwear. Gone are the days when shoes were plain and barely noticed. For this fall, you will want to get your child a new pair of runners. Choose them in a bright, bold, funky, solid color, or choose from a variety of patterns.

For a pair that your daughter can wear with both casual and dressy outfits, choose something outstanding. Silver shoes are funky and make any outfit more interesting. Shiny is in, and there are many styles to choose from that are both fashionable and comfortable.

Make this year’s back-to-school shopping trip one that you and your daughter will remember forever. Head to the shopping mall, grab a smoothie and make this a great time together as you buy her a new wardrobe for a new year. Your daughter will look great as she heads to school for the first time this new school year.

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