Back-to-School Fashion Trends and Shoes for Boys

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As your young man gets ready to head back to school, you will need to think about his wardrobe. It is likely that last year’s clothes have either been worn out or outgrown. Luckily, back-to-school shopping is a treat when you have a son. There are so many stylish clothes that make this an enjoyable time to shop. Here are a few of this season’s must-haves.

Bright Colors

Parents will be thankful to know that all their son’s bright clothing from the summer can be converted into fall wear. From t-shirts in bold colors to shoes with spunk, these will all still be wearable when school is back. Grab a few pairs of fall items such as red jeans or a royal blue denim jacket to make any otherwise neutral outfit pop.


Vests are a great look for boys, both young and old. They can be worn with a dressy shirt and tie or bowtie, as well as a patterned t-shirt in any color. Every young man should have at least two vests to choose from. You can buy one in a t-shirt material in a solid color, and another fancier material that is more suitable for dressing up.


Ties are not the only way for boys to dress up anymore. Bowties are extremely fashionable for young men, and gentlemen of all ages are loving this current trend. Bowties can be pricey at men’s stores, but there are many affordable sites online to buy bowties for your school-age child if he likes them and wants to start or expand his collection.

Anything Star Wars

The past year has been filled with anything and everything to do with Star Wars. The fall will see this trend continue, and your son will be likely to want at least one Star Wars item in his wardrobe, if he doesn’t have one already. T-shirts are not the only Star Wars licensed item available, and you can buy your son everything from hats to socks in his favorite movie character.


Layering is a great fall trend that consistently comes back into style year after year. When the days can go from warm to cold within a short period of time, it is important for your son to have enough layers to adjust his temperature. This is also a great way to get more mileage out of your son’s summer clothing. Simply pull on a sweater over his current outfit and have him wear pants instead of shorts, and he is set for the slowly lowering temperatures.

Shoes with No Socks

Your son will no doubt be happy to know that wearing bare feet in shoes is currently a “thing.” Before it gets too cold, let him wear his shoes without socks as often as he wishes. From dressier shoes such as loafers all the way to more casual runners, bare feet are in style.

Send your son back to school looking good. There are many great clothing pieces for boys that will keep both you and your son happy. With both comfort and style in mind, this fall is a great time to be a fashionable young man heading back to school.

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